I started out as a self taught photographer using digital cameras 12 years ago. Obsessed with all things photography, I soon realized that all of my favorite photographers shot entirely on film.  When looking through images online I could always pick out the film shots from the digital.  The colors are amazing and the images seem to hold more life with better detail in the highlights & shadows.

Once I decided to dive into shooting film, I had to learn photography all over again but it was so worth it.  Film makes you slow down and compose a much better shot.  And instead of spending hours in front of a computer editing digital photos to look like film, I get my scans back from my lab & with a few tweaks, they are ready to go.

I think for my clients, film sets their images apart from the competition on their website and social media.

Do I still shoot digital at all?  Yes, I believe there are times in really low light situations digital is the right choice & digital camera takes great video.

But my true love always and forever...will be film.

My Cameras:

Favorite Film:

Why I Shoot Film

01. Pentax 6x7
02. Pentax 645nii
03. Mamiya 645af
04. Contax G1
05. Canon AE1

01. Kodak Portra 400
02. Kodak Portra 800
03. Kodak Tri X
04. Cinestill 800T

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