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Shoots take place indoors or outdoors in and around the Seattle area.  I am also available to shoot in the Portland area, Vancouver, B.C., and a few times a year in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Once booked, a phone consultation will be scheduled to discuss location, wardrobe and the look & feel of your shoot. 

The day of your shoot, you can expect a relaxed, easy going atmosphere.  You'll be directed through shots and will also be documented in the "in between moments". (sometimes those are the best photos.)

We will shoot a combination of film and digital images.  The timeless quality, and color of film makes it my favorite medium and the film images will be some of your very favorite.

After your shoot, the rolls of film will be sent to my lab to be developed and scanned into digital files.

You will receive a link to an online gallery within 3 weeks to view all of your images and choose your digital files and prints. 

Clients typically spend $800 - $1500 on their chosen products.

what to expect...

shoot fee | $300


-  Phone consultation to discuss location, wardrobe and look & feel of your shoot.
-  A one to two hour shoot on location.
-  Online gallery of 50+ images, left up for personal viewing for 30 days

* Shoot fee does not include digital files or prints...those are purchased separately
* $300 Shoot fee required to reserve scheduled shoot

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